Quotes to Live by

LG&L- Love, Give and Live!

Falling down is life, getting up is living!

When all else fails, love!

Money can buy a lot but cant buy love!

There is ALWAYS hope!

One of the greatest gifts, Love!

Give and you will feel the return!

Life isn't so bad when you Love, Give and Live

I may not be able to buy you everything, but I can give you ALL of my heart

One of God's greatest gifts- giving!

The value is in the heart, not the wallet!

Life is precious! It is a gift from God!

Loneliness is caused in part by thinking only of ourselves, think of others!

A smile can make a day! A smile can change a day!

Dreaming! One of life's greatest inspirations!

When its truly in your heart he will answer!

You think it's impossible to change the world. Change yourself and u just did the "impossible"

I'll make my body a temple for the one. If there is not one, at least I know I made God proud and lived the healthiest life I could.

Everyone has a voice; just some are louder than others

We are on this world to make a difference so make one!

Thank you for that year
Thank you for that tear
Thank you for that day
Thank you for that way
Thank you for that time
Thank you for that smile
Thank you for that laugh
Thank you for that kiss
Thank you for that hug
Thank you for that time
Thank you for that dime
Thank you for that,
That was you God!

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